Reclaiming Motherhood

Call Jessica at 808.561.1383 for Birth Doula services and/or private Lamaze sessions!

Hi there! My name is Jessica.

Thank you for your interest in the services I provide and congratulations on your pregnancy! It is my hope that this journey into motherhood, be it your first time or your last time, is one that you are able to experience on your own terms. Each time a new baby enters into the world an entirely new family is born and it is a joy to watch as each transition is unique.

I began work as a childbirth professional after the birth of my daughter in 2011. The experience of becoming a mother was so life-changing for me that it was impossible to return to my old career. My marriage was different. My friendships were different. My priorities were different. I was different. I needed my work to align with these changes. I trained with Full Circle Placenta, Lamaze International, and Doulas of North America to obtain the skills needed to support families through their childbearing year.

It would be my pleasure to serve you.