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Birth Doula   $850

Inviting a doula to be part of your birthing team is a big decision. Please do not hesitate to generate tons of questions and contact me to set up a free consultation. Lets spend some time together to see if I am a good fit for your family!

Birth Doula services include:

  • At least two prenatal sessions to prepare for the birth.
  • Phone support as needed throughout pregnancy.
  • Assistance in creating a birth plan.
  • Emotional and physical labor support at home and/or at the hospital.
  • At least one postpartum visit in your home.

Research indicates that women who have continuous labor support:

  • have a better chance at spontaneous vaginal birth.
  • are less likely to require pain medication.
  • have more positive feelings around their birth experience.
  • are less likely have require forceps or vacuum assisted births.
  • are less likely to birth via cesarean surgery.

*Please note that birth doulas are not medical professionals. I can guide you to resources that will help you make decisions for your labor and birth but I will not advocate for or against any procedures on your behalf. The support I offer is a complement to the medical care you will receive from your care provider. My support involves aiding in relaxation, breathing, movement, and positioning as laboring women navigate their births.